In his work Kåre Martens likes to explore unstructured thinking. Catching the ideas that pop up when he least expect it and giving them a visual expression. He believes these ideas don’t come completely out of the blue. They lay dormant in a designer’s or artist’s brain, waiting to be reawakened, organised, used — echoes and shadows of thoughts and problems encountered during our daily grind. Two years ago he promised himself to document these ideas and pursue them to it’s conclusion. Some failed, some were downright nuts, but others had a little more to give. 

Pursuing the path that the subconscious mind takes can sometimes open doors that the more controlled, structured state of mind cannot.

Kåre Martens is a graphic designer/creative director who has designed brands, film posters and book covers for clients in Australia and in his native Scandinavia for almost 20 years. His upcoming exhibition in Sydney is his second solo show of his visual process outside of his commercial work.